IRC RulesThese rules can either be viewed with the following command or read here.

The following things are NOT allowed on the Travian IRC network Flooding (inclusive botnets).
Infringes any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person, including violating anyone's copyrights or trademarks or their rights of publicity.
Channels dedicated to cheats designed to cause unfair advantage in Travian.
Clones. Please contact RooT@DnsBlog.Com if you require more than five clients (LAN parties, bots, etc).
Attempts to takeover existing channels or network services.
Racism and/or Nazism...
Spamming and/or advertising.
Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).

General For IRC/server related questions please join #help. Please do not unnecessarily idle in #help.
IRC staff keeps the right to choose whenever to take action or not.

Nicknames Nicknames are personal. If the staff noticed certain individuals are stealing/trying to steal nicknames action will be taken.
Please make sure you have a difficult password, it's for your own safety.
When registering please provide a valid email address.

Channels Follow channel rules. Most, if not every, channel has rules laid out for its users.
No spamming is allowed. Spamming is considered mass advertising where one person forces clients against there will to view an advertisement. "join my channel #chan!" is advertisement. Doing this will get your channel closed.
Channel wars are strictly forbidden. Doing this will result in a ban for everyone who was active in the attackers channel during that time.
Malicious scripts that cause a massive amount of flood are prohibited. We will g:line the person in question until he or she removed those scripts.

Server Everything that will damage/affect the server(s) in a negative way will be considered a violation of the disclaimer.
If you're k:lined/banned or not able to use this IRC Network because of a restriction placed by the staff, you should mail Provide your nickname, host/ip, logs of what happened and how incidents will be stopped in the future.

IRC Staff IRC Staff is NOT allowed to get into channel affairs unless the channel violates a network rule.
If you have any problem with IRC Staff, send a mail to RooT@DnsBlog.Com, include your name, the name of the Staff member, tell what happened and provide logs WITH timestamps.
Do not try to argue with an IRCop after he or she made clear that te discussion is over.
Insulting, disrespecting or ignoring IRCops may result in a ban.

Parents Although we will do everything to make the entire network and specially the Official Network Channels child friendly, parents should be aware that Travian does not guarantee that the content in chat rooms is suitable for children.
Children under the age of 18 should therefore have the consent of a parent before entering chat rooms.
Please note that this IRC Network and IRC in general, is all voluntary work and we only do it out of the love for IRC, and Travian. Please respect the users and above all, us.
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